Today, I wish to start off with a small incident that hopefully will make you look at things differently. So then no beating around the bush let’s jump into it straight!


A family friend of mine had a child gifted with all sorts of brains. That kid (let’s name him Rudra for the sake of this blog) was a super smart student in high school, a basket ball champion at his school, a pianist having completed grade 7, about to start grade 8, and some of his art work pieces were displayed at the reception of his school.  His life was almost perfect. His parents earned an amazing name in the vicinity due to their gifted son. All that was left was completing his grade 12 examinations and getting admission in one of the best universities in the country. His dream was not that of winning the universe. All Ru ever dreamt of was to earn enough to give his parents a better life than what they at that moment had. It was about three months to his final examinations, and four months to his district level basketball selections. His teachers were sure that he was going to pass with flying colors, and his coach knew that he was going to for sure become the first student from their school to be selected in the basketball team. With all the zeal and joy, he studied hard; he played harder for he knew that more work and little play made Ru an indeed dull boy.

At that time, his father got a job transfer to another city, and to avoid interrupting the son’s intensively busy life, they shifted him to the boarding facilities of that same school and the parents shifted. The parents thought that it would be difficult for the boy, whose two very important life events were knocking at the door, to adjust in a new city, with new friends, and so all considered, they moved. He got the two best roommates one could ask for. They stayed up with him to study till late night. His peer influence was so strong that the two boys joined the city’s local basketball club. In a week or so, the three were the best of friends! Does it all not sound pictures perfect? It actually was.

But then it changed, it all took a drastic turn. Due to the fact that the final examinations were approaching, the school organized a prom night for its grade twelve students. Ru was all decked up for the party. His girlfriend with whom he had been together for almost three years, looked gorgeous, and together, they looked like the most perfect couple in that school. That night would be regarded as the turning point in Ru’s life! A group of boys or rather let us just say the jealous boys in school, looked for an opportunity and spiked his drink. That drink was spiked with a mixture of Ketamine and Rohypnol. Effects of these two drugs are slurred speech, inability to concentrate, and several such fatal symptoms. He woke up twelve hours later, in his dorm room to see his two friends trying to find out what was wrong. His vision was blurred and he could not remember a thing. After taking a whole day of rest, despite all that he had to undergo, he felt a craving for something that he could not figure out. The group of boys that had spiked his drink knew that this was going to happen. They this time round came into his room and gave him a mixture of the drug saying that it would make him feel better. He thought of it as a kind gesture, and took it up. He indeed felt ‘better’ and great. He began liking the taste of it, and started chilling with that group of guys. They introduced him to smoking, and consuming alcohol. He found a new hobby; he was growing more and more vulnerable.  He began missing his early morning basketball training complaining of being too tired due to late night studying. It was one month to his examinations, and Ru had not gotten hold of his final unit revision notes. He panicked, and at the same time did not stop going out with the new friends.

His girlfriend found out about this and tried to explain to him, but it all fell on deaf ears. He instead fought with her, saying that he was the best and was going to remain the best. It was over between the once most perfect couple of that school! His parents were so engrossed in their job that they kept no track of Ru’s school life. They had assumed that everything was going as smoothly as it always did. A week before the exams, he could not handle himself without a pinch of cocaine. He was unable to walk well, he began hallucinating and worst of all for the past one month, he had neither studied, nor had he been able to attend his trainings! His fingers could not in a stable motion, play the piano, and he had no control over the paint brush anymore. Ru failed his exams pathetically. Leave alone being selected for the district levels, he was thrown out of the local team! He dropped out of grade 7 piano classes, and he had to put a halt to painting. After all, he had no control over his hands anymore. He took no assistance from the school counseling team members who were willing to enroll him into a rehabilitation centre. He thought that would embarrass him in front of his colleagues. He joined a local college, and in two years, he was diagnosed with the final stage of lung cancer, and three weeks after that, he kicked the bucket.

Ru did not realize that his action of carelessness, unwillingness to seek aid, was going to affect not only him, but all the several lives around him. Did he truly have any rights to make his mother suffer, who went through indescribable pain to bring him into this world, his father, who had worked day and night to try and make sure that his son would study in the best university in the nation, his school that thought that by giving him amazing education, he would become a helpful human being?

His death did him as well as his entire vicinity harm. The family went through tears that I cannot even try and write about how painful they were. Why did all this happen? One thing – SUBSTANCE ABUSE, true that to Ru, all these was brought to him by peers, but had he taken some sort of assistance he would be at a better place, a much better place.

Today, you may think that by consuming some of these products, you are the cool guy or girl around, but do you know what? You aren’t!  Instead, you’re creating a path full of grievances and suffering for your entire surroundings. Guys, if possible, try and make sure you never fall into this practice, and if you know of a friend, who is taking a step or two into it, try your level best to bring that person out. You can make a change in someone’s life if your willpower to do so is strong.

That is why I really admire this one quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “When you were born you were crying and everyone else was smiling. Live your life so at the end, you’re the one who is smiling and everyone else is crying.”

So no one told you life was gonna be this way, but, I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU…

CHANDLER BING! A famous name in every household since 1994 till date. That was when the American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S got its name into this world, and with that every of its characters became utterly famous. Now, aren’t you wondering why I’m all of a sudden into an entertainment mood? Well then, I am not. I, today, wish to make you realize about how certain things become life changing. Matthew Perry (the real life Chandler Bing) took up a great initiative to change his fellow human beings’ lives after understanding how fatal his own life became, when he entered into this vice of Substance Abuse. Matthew, who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction at various instances in his life (including during friends), received an award in 2013 for converting his mansion in Malibu into a sober living home open to those recovering from their own addictions! Take some inspiration from this, and if this is not enough, go and watch the bollywood movie, Udta Punjab, starring actress Alia Bhatt,and other well known bollywood actors. (And yes, if you have spare time after that, go and check out Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan’s other movies, … they are super amazing!)

This will surely bring you to reason differently, and to most importantly, make a difference!

(And yes, if my title ‘dope stuff’ is confusing you, go look at dope and stuff, the both words’ individual definitions and you will see the irony right there!)


In Kenya, to aid drug addicts, an organisation named NACADA is present to aid you. After reading this , fi you do feel like you wish to get yourself out of the mess that awaits you or if you wish to aid a friend, contact this organisation, and believe you me, you will for sure have a brighter future. The website’s link is right below


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Lots of stardust from me to you! ✨✨

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10 thoughts on “DOPE STUFF

  1. Wow. I am truly inspired by this blog. You’ve not only incorporated a real life experience but also mentioned my all time favourite show as a way to get the message across. I believe you truly have a gift in writing and that you have the ability to change a lot of people. I love your work, and please never stop writing 💕💕💕

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    1. Thank you tanisha for those immensely amazing words! Keep reading and i will never stop writing❤️❤️

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  2. Amazing stuff

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    1. Thank you Manav!


    1. Thank you Meer!:)


  3. Really Amazing… Nice story.. Twinkle

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    1. Thank you so much nandini!


  4. Good one Twinkle! Loved it… 👌👌👌👍

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    1. Thank you Bansri!❤❤


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