Stardust happens to be a magical, charming and fascinating feeling or feature of something. I believe that in this world of so much of selfishness, ego and self-obsession, we all without doubt need some stardust in our lives! I assure you guys that I am willing to be the stardust in your lives and hope to make an impact on someone’s life before mine perishes! So here I am presenting my first attempt to this!


Why is it always about them people? By this I mean why have we stopped living lives to our own terms? It’s crazy how all we care about is what the next door aunty will come and tell your mother about you or what comments that uncle at the soda shop shall make about you!

So, where I stay is a place where the ‘what next’ race has taken control over every single brain. I am pretty sure that this should be the case with most of you as well! I’ll give you an example.

About a week ago I went for a family dinner at my relative’s place. Deep in my heart I wished to speak about the latest movies or the latest songs that were breaking the internet. Well, if wishes were horses, wouldn’t beggars ride? The reality was much different. Some of my relatives were among those that we hadn’t met for a long time. Considering the fact that we were all meeting after so long, I certainly expected to hear stuff like, ”Oh child! You were so little when we saw you last, you’ve grown tall!” And I did hear such stuff. However, what I was questioned most about was something I don’t enjoy answering much.

This was the, ”WHAT NEXT?” I mean just because I had done well enough at my previous school tests made everyone back there see me as an engineer or a lawyer or a doctor! Even the questions they would ask were like, ”Where do you plan to go for further studies?, What do you plan to take as a career choice?” Such questions frustrate me! Here, as soon as you step into the world, everyone who knows you starts planning your future i.e. where you shall study and how your career shall be! Is there nothing more to life than ‘what next’?

The ‘what next’ race is pathetic! It makes us focus so much on our tomorrow that we forget to live our today! Before every task you complete, you will end up having a pile of tasks ready for the next few days! We seem to have completely forgotten to enjoy our present in the way it is! This quote from Mother Teresa never fails to inspire me, ”Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”


I’ll end with this small task that you need to do that shall take about twenty seconds of your busy schedule. Wherever you are sitted, or standing just pause for a moment. Look outside the window if there is one. Look at any person, animal or every object around you. Imagine how life would be if you had none of those today. And then appreciate it all. Thank God for how your today already is! Don’t be a blind competitor in the ”what next” race that has its end towards a lot of darkness, pain and dissatisfaction. Just leave it to fate. If you failed to get what you wished for, perhaps fate thinks you deserve something even better! You’ve got one life. Do not waste it in this unhealthy race!


To wind up, I’ll mention that I’m human and to err is human! It’s my first attempt and so forgive me if I may have hurt anyone’s sentiments.

If you liked it or have any suggestions on how I can improve this, I would love to hear from you all! You can post your comments in the comments section below.

Lots of stardust from me to you! ✨✨

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28 thoughts on “WHAT NEXT!

      1. Your writing is great. I am so “out” of highschool that it is a little bit wierd to hear all of this “problems” from my perspective. Just keep writing 🙂
        If you want we can make some collaboration in future…

        Liked by 1 person

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